Kameo in-flight

Kameo is the main protagonist of the game. An elf with a large ruby set into a band on her forehead, she is depicted with a number of tattoos around her body.


Born into royalty in the Enchanted Kingdom, Kameo is the adopted daughter of Queen Theena and King Solon who was entrusted with the transformation magic, which enables the wearer to transform into a bizzare creature with fighting abilities. Theena's only daughter, Kalus, grew jealous of Kameo, as the transformation was supposed to be entrusted to her, being Theena's only daughter. Betraying her family, she joined forces with the evil Troll King, Thorn, to defeat her family.


Kameo has only three abilites: to hover a short height above the ground, to jump (with her wings), and to "flip kick", in which Kameo does a backflip, kicking anyone in front of her.

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